Mathew Alexander…

…is one of London’s leading makeup and hair artists whose work in fashion and the music industry spans nearly two decades. Mathew’s work has been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan magazines just to mention a few and worked with high end designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Let’s find out more about  Mathew and his world.



How did you become a makeup artist?
From an early age, watching my mother’s daily makeup routine & seeing the confidence & happiness it gave her fascinated me. The way makeup can transform a face garners a respect that shouldn’t be overlooked. In my teenage years I was mesmerised by the band Shakespears Sister. The music initially pulled me in, but seeing Siobhan Fahey’s transformation from ‘playful blonde’ to ‘raven haired vamp’ & understanding the symbolism in this metamorphosis really struck a chord & made me think about perusing makeup & hair as a career. The craft can be playful, empowering and completely intoxicating.


Tell us about your favourite daily look.
My favourite daily look is really all about a beautiful complexion. I think that skin that looks pure transcends an overly highlighted & contoured, airbrushed looking skin. I love a natural strong brow, nothing too contrived & drawn on. Less is definitely more. I think there’s real strength in a refined look, much more so than in something that looks obviously painted.


What two products you can’t leave the house without?
Just two products? This is a difficult one!  Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream is my favourite starting point, for any face. I really love M.A.C. Mineralize Concealer; it’s perfect for disguising flaws & refining the complexion without looking cakey.



What part of the make up process do you enjoy the most?
I think my favourite part of the makeup process is evening out tone/perfecting the skin. It’s a little miracle in itself. Observing the way that features come to life when light is reflected differently from face is a beautiful thing that sets the pace for the rest of the makeup application.


What two products are essential for the make up artist to carry in their kit?
Firstly, I have to commend Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara in Excessive Brown is my favourite mascara. I think black mascara can sometimes dominate a makeup look but this particular brown gives fantastic definition, lift & fullness without completely governing the eye & allowing the the beauty of the iris to shine through beautifully dressed lashes. NARS Hot Sand Skin Illuminator is my other essential. Just a scant mixed with moisturiser or foundation brings life to even the most tired or dull looking skin. It’s also great used sparingly as a highlighter.


Which is your favourite ‘touch up’ make up product?
Givenchy Mister Perfect Touch Up pencil is definitely my favourite product for cleaning up makeup. It’s great for perfecting lip lines, sharpening the finish on eyeliner and cleaning up any stray flecks of mascara.



What make up trends you dislike most?
I’m not keen on overly made up, clown like faces. Great on the catwalk, not so gorgey on the high street.


Who is your favourite make up artist?
When I started out, I was inspired by Kevyn Aucoin. His signature looks on his celebrity clients & supermodels such as Linda Evangelista epitomised 90’s glamour. These day’s it’s impossible to choose between Val Garland & Pat McGrath. I admire them both in equal measures.


What is your favourite type of make up look?
I’m a sucker for a smokey eye & a neutral lip. It’s that all out sexy & strong, feline quality that I find irresistible.