Nicky Weir…

…is a prolific celebrity British makeup artist. Her work has been featured in the glossy pages of Vogue Russia, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar and ID just to mention a few. Nicky was recently made Beauty Director for Naked Journals which is a brand new online editorial which will go to print this year.

Let’s find out more about Nicky and her world.



How did you become a make up artist?
My father was a photographer in the 60s, 70s and 80s and my mum an artist who was part of Joe’s Lights at the Rainbow theatre working with stars such as Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Average White Band, Queen, The Who, etc. I was very lucky to have grown up surrounded by such creative and artistic people. I remember seeing makeup artists turning up at my Dad’s studio to work in his shoots in the late 80s / early 90s. They inspired me to become one of them. It was really tough at the time as I wasn’t confident enough to let people know that I was deaf in case they thought I wasn’t good enough. Eventually I got the courage to follow my dreams and I joined the M.A.C. team.


Tell us about your favourite daily look
I love the raw fresh natural real skin look, with little details such as groomed brows or subtle hints of cheeks or liner and sheer lips. Love the 90s supermodels by Peter Lindbergh.

What two products you can’t leave the house without?
Lash curlers and moisturiser… and definitely a black liner too!





What part of the makeup process do you enjoy the most?
Once I’ve cleansed and moisturised the skin, it depends on what I’m doing on the day. I never know where my creative process  will take me but I do know where I’m going if that makes any sense. I do love the meditative state created while doing makeup!

What two products are essential for the makeup artist to carry in their kit?
Everything to prep the skin… And lash curlers!

Which is your favourite ‘touch up’ makeup product?
I love 3ina mist face spray, refreshing all round, also blotting paper or a little Laura Mercier powder to matt down slightly any shine and Omorovicza lip balm which I love.






What makeup trends you dislike most?
The ones that make everyone look the same. Cloned makeup with those same eyes, heavy brows, heavy contouring, etc …Best I leave it as that!

Who is your favourite makeup artist?
There are so many incredible talented makeup artists, all with their own individual signatures and personal touch. Val Garland is just incredible and so magical with her endless burst of creative unexpected surprises especially during Fashion Week. Pat McGrath is also beyond at what she does. Peter Philips for his flawless and creative art. Kabuki  for his unique approach to makeup. Lucia Pieroni for her skin and little details as well as Francelle Daly and Lisa Butler for their classics.

What is your favourite type of makeup look?
The beauty I love ranges from the realness rawness from the 90’s vibes to the full on 70’’s glam! You can’t beat dark messy sexy smokey eyes, dewy skin and the barely made up lips!