Jay Pinxie Turnbull…

…is a bright and creative makeup artist. She has worked with many celebrities and travelled the globe working her magic on numerous editorial shoots. Her work has been published in Iodonna, Love, Hello, Vice, Dmag, Grazia and Flux magazines to name just a few. Pinxie is a freelance makeup tutor and covers backstage at London Fashion Week for various publications.

Let’s find out more about Pinxie and her world.



How did you become a makeup artist?
I have been a hair artist all my career, working with many creative people such as photographers, videographers, makeup artists, musicians and actors. Whilst working with these people on shoots, videos and stage productions my interest in makeup grew. As a young mother I was involved with an all inclusive theatre company called Kaos, that my kids attended. I was the hairdresser for stage productions and quickly had to improvise and add to my skills to include makeup as no one else was available to do it. I loved the experience and decided to go back to school. I studied makeup at The London College of Fashion.


Tell us about your favourite daily look
As a daily look for models I adore really good skin that looks like skin, being able to see freckles and character marks. I like to see the strength of a models face pushed to the limit. If a brow is strong I make it really strong, exaggerate a full lip or highlight a strong cheekbone.


What two products you can’t leave the house without?
It’s impossible to go anywhere without a pink lipstick and a black gel liner. They cover most emergencies, ie: lips and cheeks, or liner/smoky eye or brow touch up.


What part of the makeup process do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the ability to create, being able to look at a brief or someone’s face and know that my skills can completely change how they may look. The time spent observing a face before deciding how far I can push a look or what corrections need to be made on a face. The moment before picking up my brushes.





What two products are essential for the makeup artist to carry in their kit?
How can I choose just two! Good skin prep is essential and I always like to have an illuminating primer. Also the Graftobian HD crème foundation Super Palette, This can be used as concealer, sheered down as a tinted moisturizer, full foundation and contouring. The BBU Pro Face palette is similar.


Which is your favourite ‘touch up’ makeup product?
I prefer to use blotting papers than apply a powder if it’s a long shoot. If I do have to powder a face I use Make Up Forever-“Ultra HD’ loose powder always applied with powder puff and dusted off with a fluffy brush.


What makeup trends you dislike most?
Let’s get this out there……INSTABROWS. Yes I did shout and yes I hate them. Other than those I am comfortable with trends, they come and go. But those eyebrows, please make them stop!


Who is your favourite makeup artist?
I have to say apart from the two obvious fantastically talented artists, Val Garland and Pat McGrath I like the work of Andrew Gallimore especially at fashion week events. His liner work and lash exaggeration give me life. I also really enjoy the work of Lucia Pieroni, her flawless skin work and ability to make one small but strong detail slay a look.


What is your favourite type of makeup look?
I like anything that looks like the artist thought ‘outside the box’ when applying .I like good blending of bright colours and a magical look. I like to see makeup and I am not generally a fan of a nude natural look.