Let’s start this blog discovering the beauty secrets of the ancient Egyptians and their best representative, their Queen Cleopatra.

The eye make up worn by the Egyptians mainly consisted of black kohl eyeliner and green eyeshadow. The kohl was created by grinding a mineral called Galena. It is also thought that this mineral  possesses antiseptic and fly-deterrent properties as well as protecting the eyes from intense sun. The green eyeshadow was made of a mineral called Malachite.

Facial make up included a stain for the cheeks and lips. This was produced with red ochre from naturally coloured clay. Henna was used to paint their nails and dye their hair.

High society Egyptian women used to wear generous amounts of make up as an expression of their wealth. They paled their skin using powders and creams. Pale skin represented the non-working noble class as only workers in the fields were exposed to the sun.

Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt and the queen of the ‘smokey eye’. Her  make up secrets are well documented, so let’s go through her beauty routine.

One of her most famous beauty rituals was to bathe in milk and honey. Both of these ingredients are natural exfoliators, they soften the skin and leave a fresh and seductive smell.

She used Aloe Vera mixed with honey to create face masks. These masks soothed her skin leaving a great feeling of comfort after their use.

Cleopatra used to exfoliate her skin with a combination of sea salt and olive oil. She also loved to use oatmeal as face exfoliator. She was known to use apple cider vinegar and rose water as a toner. She also used almond oils as part of her skin care.

The Queen of the Nile used henna to paint her fingernails in a shade of reddish brown. She also used henna mixed with other plants to dye her hair in different shades.

Castor oil and honey were the two main ingredients that Cleopatra used to soak her hair with. These ingredients leave the hair shiny and strong.

To lift the skin of her face she used to apply masks made of white clay.

To keep her eyes looking fresh and bright she used a mix of celery and hemp as eye serum.

Cleopatra used essential oils from cypress, rose, frankincense, myrrh and neroli to create her favourite fragrant perfumes.

The actress that best represented Cleopatra on the silver screen was the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor in the movie ‘Cleopatra’.

Elizabeth Taylor’s amazing make up looks for this film were designed by the talented Italian make up artist Alberto de Rossi. His father, Camillo de Rossi was also a make up artist and he was credited as Italy’s first make up artist for film.

Alberto de Rossi was also Audrey Hepburns make up artist during her film career creating her iconic look.