Debbie Gallagher…

…is a celebrity British makeup artist that has returned to her roots after spending a fantastic few years enjoying a very successful career in LA. Debbie worked in numerous fashion shows and editorial photoshoots besides makeup gurus such as Charlotte Tilbury, Val Garland and Dick Page but after a while decided to concentrate her talents into the music industry. These days you will find her working with the likes of Lana del Rey, Justin Bieber and Jessie Ware just to mention a few of her high profile clients.

Let’s find out more about Debbie and her world.




How did you become a make up artist?
I became a makeup artist when I was about 18. I didn’t really know what to do with my life back then but I always had a strong love for fashion and makeup  and I wanted to be a part of it somehow.


Tell us about your favourite daily look
I have different favourite daily looks depending on my mood but my signature one is always a soft pretty makeup. I like to focus on just one feature when designing a look and I love a sexy eyeliner.


What part of the makeup process do you enjoy the most?
I love getting to know my clients when applying the makeup, that is my favourite part. The intimacy when you are so close to someone generates a very special relationship. I also love when the client looks at the final result and is happy with my work. That is a lot of fun too!.


What two products are essential for the make up artist to carry in their kit?
One of my two favourite makeup products is Filmstar Bronze & Glow contour palette by Charlotte Tilbury. It gives a killer contoured cheek. It’s so hot!. I think it’s Kate Moss fav too. I also love Teddy brown eye pencil from MAC. I have a minimum of five of them in my kit and I use them all the time. They give the best golden brown smokey eye finish.



Which is your favourite ‘touch up’ makeup product?
I have tried all the set press powders in the world  and to be honest the MAC blot powders are the best. They are perfect for TV, live shows, red carpet events and all the rest.


What makeup trends you dislike most?
The makeup trend I hate the most  is the ‘Kardashians contoured drag queen look’. It looks good in a photograph and it can totally transform someone into a completely different person but for the average girl is just too much. I also don’t like the big drawn in eyebrows …SLUG BROWS!!!…It’s  again too much .


What is your favourite type of makeup look?
My favourite makeup look is a beautiful flawless skin with a sexy contoured cheek. I love a big fluffy natural brow and a slick black liner or a smudgy brown golden eyeshadow. I love a statement lip colour too but I would only do lips or eyes, never really both… We’re not doing Chicago for a Broadway show!.