Fatima Al Naqi  is the CEO of FN International Make up Academy and Salon & Spa, and co-founder of Face4makeup.



Tell us about your academy.
The academy is named Fatima Al Naqi Makeup Academy. It’s the result of long years of training and learning in the world of makeup. It benefits from my experience, success, philosophy, and awards that I received for mixing different ideas, and creating new trends in makeup inspired by the beauty of different cultures and countries. I have established this academy to offer high quality service based on knowledge, to change the life of every girl who dreams of being an expert makeup artist.

What are the main principles of your academy?
I intend to make this academy a creative and innovative place for the new generation of passionate cosmetics and makeup experts. A large group of The Academy graduates will be brilliant stars one day, who’ve started their journey on the basis of modern training, hard work, high professional ethics, and a wide range of skills and experience.

Do you think that there is a need for an institution like The Academy in Kuwait?
I believe we desperately need a center that provides knowledge and expertise through professional programs; more than educational YouTube videos and less than long training sessions. We need to offer a new experience that is modern and developed, and one that qualifies students to excel in the world.