YouTube superstar Laura Lee is launching her own makeup collection. This palette contains 10 highly pigmented, pressed eyeshadows. These shades are extremely versatile so you could create from a soft look to a dark smokey look or anything in  between.

The name of the eyeshadows are:

  • Redonkulus (Copper Shimmer)
  • Okie Dokie (Off White Matte)
  • Scatter Brain (Pale Gold Shimmer)
  • Bomb Diggity (Caramel Matte)
  • Cray Cray (Deep Burnt Orange Matte)
  • Quirky (Deep Purple Shimmer)
  • Kooky (Amaranth Matte)
  • In One Ear (Burgundy Shimmer)
  • Out The Other (Plum Shimmer)
  • Odd Ball (Black Shimmer)

Retail Price: Full-sized US$40
Cruelty free & Vegan
Where to buy:


Is the favourite ‘touch-up’ product of celebrity makeup artist Amanda Bowen.
What makes this product different from the rest is that gives the feeling of a  rich moisturizer in a spray form. When misted onto the face gives an instant luminous, dewy-skin effect with a long lasting finish. This product works better on dry and combination skin but could be used on oily types too. Just make sure you are gentle with the application.

Retail Price: Full-sized US$48
Where to buy:


Rihanna impressed everyone with her dedication to celebrating diverse beauty and making sure everyone feels represented. With 40 different shades in her foundation range we are spoiled for choice!.

Retail Price: £26
100 percent animal cruelty free
Where to buy:


The amazing make up artist Pat McGrath has launched Lust Matte Trance, a range of 9 gorgeous matte lipsticks. At Face4makeup we are huge fans of McGrath’s work so we were thrilled when we heard the news of this launch. Pat McGrath wanted her lipsticks to be full pigmented, not dry or powdery, to feel creamy and light on the lips without feeling oily and to be easy to apply. And we think she has succeeded. And the packaging is to die for too!.

Here is the list with the name of the shades.

Omi (107) Mid-tone rose
1995 (108) Warm light nude
Flesh 3 (109) Brown rose
Elson (003) Blue red
Obsessed! (211) Bright orange red
Full Panic (005) Bright fuchsia
Antidote (207) Magenta violet
McMenamy (200) Deep burgundy
Deep Void (210) Deep blackened purple

Retail price: Each lipstick retails at $38, Trio at $95 and all the range at $275
Where to buy: You can buy them directly from Pat McGrath website: or
Products or ingredients aren’t tested on animals except when required by law.


Jeffree Starr’s first eyeshadow palette is called Beauty Killer and holds 10 generous size eyeshadows. The colour range of this palette is exciting and unique. In  Jeffree’s reveal video he explained that the palette is made in a way that each grouping of 4 eyeshadows can be used as an individual quad. Nevertheless you can let your imagination run free with any possible colour combination. It is overall a good quality palette.

1: Star Power- Matte, neon hot pink
2: Princess- Metallic, light silvered-pink
3: Violence- Slightly metallic, pink-toned plum
4: Rich Bitch- Foiled, yellow gold
5: Courtney- Matte, light to medium brown
6: Expensive- Slightly metallic, emerald green
7: Confession- Metallic, rusty burgundy
8: Vanity- Matte, dark cool-toned brown
9: China White- Matte, true white
10: Black Rainbow – Matte black base with a touch of glitter

The Androgyny palette holds 10 generous size eyeshadows too. This is Jefree’s version of a ‘neutral palette’. Contains metallics and matte shades. A highly pigmented palette with improved formulas.

1: Frosting – shimmery vanilla light gold
2: Safeword – matte cool caramel
3: Charm – matte peach orange
4: Deja Vu – shimmery copper
5: Dominatrix – matte bark brown
6: Androgyny – matte plum
7: Fetish – matte deep blood red
8: Military – matte army pea green
9: Poison – matte teal
10: Swallow – matte dusty navy

Retail price: $45 each palette
Where to buy:
Both palettes are vegan and cruelty free.


A fantastic matte palette designed by the unique Kat Von D. A perfect mixture of neutral cool and warm tones. 12 beautiful shades to play with and create natural and gorgeous looks. The colours are divided into quads of neutral, cool or warm colours.

Retail Price: $46
100 percent animal cruelty free
Where to buy: is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this blog.